Bokeh Sunsets and Happy Accidents

This was one of my favorite photos from a recent trip. The sunset, the bokeh, lens flare, and a fellow tourists random hand that snuck in there. At first the hand annoyed me, but after a while I thought it added a nice touch to the photo compared to others I took in the same spot minus the hand. I guess it’s what you could call a happy accident.



Cacao Pods

Hawaii, at the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory and Farm

Cocoa Pods

Turtles at rest

Honu at rest, in Hawaii on Panalu’u Beach.

Turtles at rest


Rusted Railings

The Coffee Guardian

Fuzzy Fiddlehead Ferns of Hawaii

Flowers with whiskers – Hawaii

The Knotty Trees of Hawaii

Orchids of Hawaii

Orchid Spots

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